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Cambria Community Fitness, Inc.

Manager’s Report

October 5, 2016



All of our equipment recently received a preventative maintenance service.  Some worn parts were replaced, and a few machines were repaired including the Hoist Inner-Outer thigh that had a broken cable, and the Star Trac Recumbent Bike received a new idler arm.  Some worn parts in various machines were noted and new parts have been ordered.  All machines are working well. 

We added new pieces of equipment: a squat rack, decline bench and fitness ropes along with some new plates to facilitate the needs of the gym.  The squat rack is very popular and has taken rapid interest and use. 

The Total Gym had a safety defect in the frame, and we received a new one from the manufacturer that was covered under the lifetime warranty. 


Three ceiling light panels were not working, but that was repaired by an electrician in September. 


The cleaning of the gym is now being done by a company from Morro Bay. They clean Monday through Friday in the evening.  Everyone still needs to help by keeping the gym tidy such as throwing away trash, and placing soiled towels in the hamper. 

There have been a few incidents where members did not rack their weights or failed to return items to their respective places.  I ask that we all pick up after ourselves, wipe machines with disinfectant wipes when done, and keep the gym a pleasant place for everyone.


Respectfully submitted,


Joseph Gutierrez

Operations Manager


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