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Meeting Minutes (UPDATED)
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Cambria Community Fitness, Inc.

Board Meeting

Tuesday October 10,2017

10:00 am Pacific Premier Bank



  1. Call to order


  2. Roll call:

    Board members: Kelvin Jones, President; Rhonda Lentz Treasurer; Frank Walker, Secretary; Frank Kocs, VP1; Steve Cunniff, VP2; Alternative Board Member Mike Becker, Joseph Gutierrez


  3. Approval of agenda


  4. Minutes: Minutes of the July 2017 meeting approved by email.


  5. Treasurer’s report

  1. Financials and membership (new/active/ hold/terminated) Included.

  2. Discussed members that are couples and friends that swipe only one card to enter the gym. For an accurate count of members and gym use all members need to swipe cards on entrance to the gym.

  3. MJ would prefer that all membership dues when paid in cash that these payments not include coins. There is an extra step in the deposit of coins that can be an inconvenience.

  4. Members are reminded that statements are sent out in the mail when dues are delinquent. If the dues are not paid in a timely manner a late fee of $10.00 will be charged.


  1. Gym Manager’s Report



  2. New Business

  1. Nominations for CFC board will be open in mid-October. There are two positions that will be open for the 2018 term.

  2. Motion made and approved to raise MJ’s hourly rate to $35.00 an hour.

  3. Motion made and approved to increase the Gym Managers monthly stipend to $1,000.00.


  1. Old Business



  2. Closed session:

    The board dealt with a membership issue in closed session.


  3. Adjournment 11:35


Next meeting: January 2018, to be determined.


               Submitted by Secretary Frank Walker


Cambria Community Fitness, Inc.

Manager’s Report

October 10, 2017



The Sci Fit Pro 1000, upper body ergometer, had a problem elevating and lowering the seat.  The company in Chicago was contacted, and a repair under warranty was completed as well as a minor problem with the electronics in the control board.  All is well with the remainder of our equipment.


We recently purchased a new preacher curl bench that is in the dumbbell area.


George Casas has been our Service Tech for the past ten years.  He has changed jobs and is now working for an air conditioning company, but he will continue to repair gym equipment part-time, and our gym will continue to be serviced by George.  He is the best Service Tech we’ve ever had.  I do have a Plan B and a Plan C in mind in the event we can no longer utilize his services, but, we shouldn’t notice any difference, and that’s very good news.



I discovered that our ventilation system is not fully working.  Heating & Cooling is the company that installed the system back in 2002, and they are expected to begin the repair today.



The signal for the gym radio sometimes skipped in and out of receiving the signal.  We purchased an outdoor antenna and the signal no longer skips.



A hair salon will open upstairs above the cardio area.  Plumbing had to be added above our ceiling and below the upstairs flooring.  We had to shut down the gym for part of one evening and it appears the job is now complete.



I’ve been replacing the burnt-out fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs which last much longer and use less than half as much wattage as the fluorescent bulbs.  The fluorescent bulbs use 32 watts whereas the LED uses 14 watts and give more illumination.


All-in-all things the daily operations of the gym are working well.



Respectfully submitted,


Joseph Gutierrez

Operations Manager


Cambria Community Fitness, Inc.

Board Meeting

Wednesday April 19,2017

10:00 am Pacific Premier Bank



  1. Call to order

    10:00 AM


  2. Roll call:

    Board members: Kelvin Jones, President; Ronda Lentz Treasurer; Frank Walker, Secretary; Frank Kocs, VP1; Steve Cunniff, VP2; Alternative Board Member Mike Becker


  3. Approval of agenda


  4. Minutes: Minutes of the January 18, 2017 meeting approved by email.


  5. Treasurer’s report

                   Financials and membership (new/active/ hold/terminated)

a. 1.6% increase in membership in the past quarter

b. Billing covers last six months and explains increase.

c. Rent increase for facility $91.00

d. Security increase $151.00

e. 203 active members, 14 members on hold. Reviewed policy for holding membership. Hold is for one year.

f. Discussion of earmarked monies. Reaffirmed that there would be $10,000.00 held in reserve for equipment replacement.

g. Towel issues were discussed with agreement that the towel service would continue to be used as a well-liked benefit to members.  

     6. Gym Manager’s Report

Discussed new Sci-Fit machine.

Reviewed equipment service timeline.

Discussed ceiling leak and repairs.

Discussed repair of shower stall and DIY savings.

Reported average of two new members signing each week.

Shower curtain replaced after a member’s concern.

    7. New Business

Discussed possibility of making a CCF t-shirt available to members. Frank walker will research and report to board.


     8. Old Business

  1. Lease and insurance Review.

  2. Painting the gym.

    Moved and seconded that the Gym would be painted.

    Dates and times to be published and members will be notified.

    The gym will be closed for a weekend to complete the project.

  3. New equipment

  4. Storage of CCFI Documents/records.

    Kelvin and Mike will review ways to store documents including digital storage.

  5. Security system update.

    The security system glitches have been resolved and now synchronize with door check in.

    MJ will research other available resources for recording data. Including use and attendance demands.

  6. Cleaning service update.

  7. Gym website.

    Discussion of website updates and possible uses for the site to benefit members. Ronda and Frank W. will research and review the site.


  1. Closed session: No closed session items.


  2. Adjournment: 11:25 AM


Next meeting: July 19, 2017, to be determined.


Members may request a detailed summary of the meeting minutes  at


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